Manufacturing & Production

Transform Manufacturing and easily streamline your entire organization with more insights and analytics at your fingertips using the full 3DEXPERIENCE platform of tools.


Dedicated solution to machine complex parts on a multi-axis milling machine or robots with advanced operations and increase collaboration between Designers & NC Programmers to improve engineering efficiency.

  • Prepare your designs for manufacturability earlier in the development cycle
  • Increase collaboration between Designers & NC Programmers to improve engineering efficiency
  • Complete Milling solution for complex parts including specific cycles dedicated to hard material strategies to reduce machining time
  • Validate NC programs in 3D to detect and prevent possible machining errors
  • Share the same data in a single environment


Empower team members of all disciplines with critical information, validation, and helpful feedback within a secure collaborative environment that builds knowledge sharing and improves business processes.

  • Automate tedious manual tasks to boost productivity
  • Eliminate revision control headaches and execute ECOs more efficiently
  • Facilitate collaboration by connecting teams
  • Foster greater levels of innovation by more efficiently eliciting feedback

Solutions for collaboration operations:

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