Management & Collaboration

Manage and synchronize your design data across your entire enterprise with a single, easily deployable solutions tightly integrated with all SOLIDWORKS applications. Safely storing and sharing it provides your stakeholders with a secure space to collaborate, iterate, and innovate on real-time data, accessible anytime and from anywhere.


Aggregate and organize product and business data into actionable information to accelerate cross-team collaboration, foster innovation, and improve product development in a fully connected cloud environment.

  • Collaborate and share SOLIDWORKS and other product data to inspire innovation
  • Digitally connect stakeholders, suppliers, and customers for safe collaboration at any time
  • Create dashboards and communities to connect people and data in one place to empower collaboration
  • Easily share 3D models with CAD and non-CAD users to keep everyone up to speed on designs

Data Management

Efficiently and securely manage product data and associated files to maximize productivity and free engineers’ time so they can focus on product innovation.

  • Automate tedious manual tasks to boost productivity
  • Eliminate revision control headaches and execute ECOs more efficiently
  • Facilitate collaboration by connecting teams
  • Foster greater levels of innovation by more efficiently eliciting feedback

Cloud-Based Data Management and Collaboration

Connect to all of your organisation’s most vital resources—people, real-time data, and tools—in one secure, collaborative space to more easily track projects and people to assure optimal productivity.

  • Built-in revision and version control with no additional IT investments
  • Digitally connect with stakeholders to elicit valuable feedback easily
  • View, markup, manage, and share designs from anywhere, at any time, and on any device
  • Create dashboards and communities to connect people and data in one place to empower collaboration


With insightful decision-making, you can prioritize projects, improve productivity, and increase efficiencies. By optimizing the planning process, you can ensure you are doing the right things at the right time to sharpen your company’s competitive advantage.

  • Gain insights from real-time industry news and trends for utmost agility
  • Manage projects and tasks, and automatically optimize activities and resources to ensure projects are on track

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