Are you using SOLIDWORKS to its full potential?

Enhance the CAD skills and capabilities of your team with a SOLIDWORKS Training Assessment! 

The assessment is a tool in the form of a test to gauge the level of core knowledge and capabilities of each user in a drawing office. Each assessment test is based on the design environments and workflows the team spends the most time in.  

Some SOLIDWORKS users say, “I don’t know what I don’t know” because the software constantly evolves with new ways to speed up your designs and increase productivity across the board. By assessing your team MECAD can analyse each individual and pinpoint areas that the user can increase their proficiency and overall design capabilities 

After each assessment MECAD provides a detailed report highlighting the assessments findings and user results. The report provides the office management with a clear overview of the general design ability of the entire group alongside the strengths and weaknesses of each designer.  

MECAD then provides a unique training path that focuses on addressing the shortcomings of the drawing office and individual user. Dedicated training is the best way to establish the same level of SOLIDWORKS knowledge among the users. Instead of having your senior designers share bad habits and long workflows with the group, the training assessment will ultimately enable the drawing office to use the most optimised workflows available in SOLIDWORKS.  

Reasons why your design team needs a SOLIDWORKS Training Assessment 

  • Ensure your team harnesses the latest SOLIDWORKS Technology & Usage Techniques 
  • Increase Team Morale & Confidence 
  • Ensure correct usage of your software 

How does the SOLIDWORKS Training Assessment work?

STEP 1: ANALYZE Your Software Usage

Determine where productivity can be improved.

STEP 2: REPORT Results & Findings

Create a tailored SOLIDWORKS training path

STEP 3: TRAIN Individual Users

One-on-one sessions with individual team members