Terms and Conditions

All training course bookings must be made at least five working days prior to starting date to ensure availability.
Bookings will only be finalized upon receipt of full payment, failure to attend the booked course for any reason will result in forfeiture of fees already paid.
Failure to complete the booked course for any reason will result in forfeiture of fees already paid
All cancellations must be received in writing five working days prior to starting date, failure to cancel on time will result in full payment being charged.
Rescheduling of courses will be allowed once, provided it was done in writing five days before start of the course.
MECAD reserves the right to reschedule a course three working days prior to start of the course due to insufficient attendance
If a trainee fails an exam, they are allowed one more attempt to pass. Trainee will need to attend the exam with the next presented course.

To attend the online session of any of the SOLIDWORKS training courses, please ensure that you comply with the below prerequisites.

Prerequisites for all online attendees:

  • Must have SOLIDWORKS 2019 or later.
  • Must have or able to download TeamViewer.
  • Should have a minimum of two screens
    • One for presentation
    • One for SOLIDWORKS
  • Stable internet connection
  • No disruptions
    • Attendee should be available whole day, no meetings, etc.
    • We will not wait for an attendee if they are away or not online.
  • Full contact details of attendee are required in case there is an interruption, MECAD can quickly get the attendee back online.

Physical address where the SOLIDWORKS Training Manual must be delivered to

Training Certification

MECAD takes great pride in our training and have a high standard of the quality of training.
To make sure that all attendees are up to standard after the training sessions, exams will be written to test their knowledge.
Attendees are required to pass the exam to receive their certification. These certification are of such standard that they are recognized in the industry.

*not all training courses have exams at this stage