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SOLIDWORKS 2018: Making Magnetic Mates Even Snappier


Introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2017, ‘Magnetic Mates’ was arguably one of the best new features, but as the Beatles put it: “It’s getting better all the time!”. With SOLIDWORKS 2018, things are not only getting better, snapping objects together is getting easier too.

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Why Distributed Data Management is Important


To operate efficiently, manufacturers must not only effectively manage assets (people, IP, technical systems, production equipment, and distribution networks) but also perhaps their most valuable asset: the enormous amount of data housed within their departments, databases and systems. Although most companies recognize the benefits of managing, mining, and using data to improve efficiency and achieve a competitive edge, these efforts have largely focused on managing and leveraging data at the department- and/or application-level, not enterprise-wide.

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Capture & review problems in SOLIDWORKS using RX Tool

Capturing problems in RX Tool.

Have you experienced a unique problem in SOLIDWORKS that you can reproduce using a specific workflow?

Has your VAR Application Engineer requested an RX recording from you whilst troubleshooting some technical difficulties?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions then SOLIDWORKS RX Tool is the answer that you have been looking for.

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SMAP 3D Plant Design demo

This week Rudolf van den Berg takes us through a demo of Smap3D Plant design software.

Bio: Smap3D Plant Design

Smap3D Plant Design is 3D CAD software for fast, easy design of 3D piping systems for mechanical engineering, equipment production and plant design. It provides an integrated software solution for an optimal process chain in plant design. With one specialized program for each process step (Smap3D P&ID, Smap3D Piping and Smap3D Isometric), the required solution can be tailored to individual requirements. The P&ID To-Do-List is a function integrated in Smap3D Plant Design which creates an intelligent connection between S3D P&ID Schematic and 3D piping.

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SOLIDWORKS World 2018 – Awards

MECAD Systems does it again!

Over the course of three full days of SOLIDWORKS World 2018, more than 5,000 members of the SOLIDWORKS community got to attend more than 200 breakout sessions. Atendees were able to gain insight into specific topics or solutions ranging from design to manufacturing; 3D CAD and simulation; electrical design & schematics; communications; collaboration; and data management.

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Feedscrew add-in versions

Feedscrew header image 200

For easy reference, here is a list of all the previous versions of the add-in (latest version on top):

v2017.12.31.0 – Added ability to register using online activation (SolidWorks 2017) – Fixed Issue with the installer not registering the add-in (SolidWorks 2016/17*) – Contains automated installer (SolidWorks 2016/17*)

* Requires license file for usage

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Feedscrew add-in update

The latest version of the feed screw add-in brings some minor changes to the add-in.

  • Fixed a minor bug with the trimming planes not updating
  • Fixed a bug with the incorrect updating of rotation angle
  • On some machines the preview would leave artifacts
  • Versioning of the installer has been updated to reflect the date when compiled

Click here to download your copy.

This version is compatible with all previous versions of the license files


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MECAD top at SOLIDWORKS World 2017

One Fifth Column

More than 6000 engineers, designers and enthusiasts from across the globe came together in Los Angeles to share, collaborate, learn and above all – be inspired!

SOLIDWORKS World 2017 (a four-day conference) included presentations from leaders in the industry; the Partner Pavilion where you get to meet solution partners to drive your success; technical breakout sessions and various special events.
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