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A submodeling study in SOLIDWORKS

One of the most useful features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation professional has to be Submodelling. This feature was already introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2013 and is available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation professional and Simulation premium. Submodeling is based on the St. Venant’s principle which states that the stresses reasonably distant from an applied load on a boundary are not significantly altered if this load is changed to a statically equivalent load. This powerful feature is used to isolate and analyze a specific area of a larger structure. Using Submodelling you can focus on a specific sub-area of a model and simulate it in greater detail, this means getting must faster results.

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Solid vs Shell Elements


Waiting for a SOLIDWORKS simulation to complete can be a tedious process, especially if you have big assemblies. One of the best methods of slashing the solving time is to use shell elements. In this article I wish to share some insights into Solid and Shell elements and also illustrate why we should use Shell elements more often. Continue reading Solid vs Shell Elements