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A great perk of being on subscription: Companies on Subscription have access to myCADtools. Get over 50 SOLIDWORKS tools to optimise your daily tasks. myCADtools is fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS

Additional Services

Our Professional Services team is made up of several engineers from over South Africa to bring together the best blend of experience, technical expertise, and a deeper understanding of customer needs. The overall team is made up of groups of specific service experts from FEA/CFD engineers, data specialists, programmers, and consultants to make sure we deliver the best-in-class solutions you need.

Software Services:

  • System implementation and configuration
  • Data migration*
  • CAD/PDM Health checks*
  • System Integration
  • System Maintenance
  • Custom Training
  • Custom API

Design Services:

  • CAD Model Creation*
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Library Creation
  • Product Rendering

*subject to specification

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