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Capture & review problems in SOLIDWORKS using RX Tool

Capturing problems in RX Tool.

Have you experienced a unique problem in SOLIDWORKS that you can reproduce using a specific workflow?

Has your VAR Application Engineer requested an RX recording from you whilst troubleshooting some technical difficulties?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions then SOLIDWORKS RX Tool is the answer that you have been looking for.

SOLIDWORKS has a stand-alone program called ‘RX Tool’ this tool can be used to troubleshoot technical difficulties and assess your current system set up. SOLIDWORKS RX Tool has multiple features where you can access your current system set up, view your graphics card model, graphics card driver, Windows system information and much more. You can also access multiple technical blogs and the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge base to troubleshoot technical difficulties you are experiencing.

This tool also provides the means to communicate with your VAR to resolve technical difficulties quickly & efficiently. The Problem Capture section will walk you through a wizard so that you can gather the necessary information. The following is gathered automatically:

  • System information
  • Graphics card & driver information
  • Extended Windows logs
  • SOLIDWORKS settings
  • Crash data reports
  • Performance logs
  • Reliability reports

The RX Tool can optionally record your screen so that you can follow the specific workflow which triggers the issue you are experiencing.

The RX Tool also gathers the SOLIDWORKS files which were used during the recording.

On the last step fill in your contact details along with the severity  & short description of the problem.

SOLIDWORKS RX Wizard interface
SOLIDWORKS RX Wizard interface

Once this is completed the RX Tool compiles a neatly structured ZIP file which contains all of the components listed earlier which you can conveniently forward to your VAR Application Engineers who will assist you to resolve the issues at hand in a professional and efficient manner.

The following video shows the effectiveness and power of the RX Tool in action.

The RX Tool is definitely going to be your new best friend when troubleshooting technical difficulties in SOLIDWORKS.

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