SOLIDWORKS MBD Compare Products

    • Intelligent Dimensioning
    • Tolerancing
    • Annotation (DimXpert) Freestyle Dimensioning
    • Annotation (Reference Dimensions)
    • Comprehensive Bill of Materials
    • DimXpert in Assembly
    3D Product Manufacturing Information (Pmi) Definition
    • 3D Annotation Views
    • Automatic show and hide annotations as a model rotates
    • 3D Views capturing Annotation Views, Configurations, Display States, Section View, and other View Settings
    • 3D Model Break Views
    • 3D Radial Explode Views
    3D PMI Organisation
    • Publish to eDrawings
    • 3D Output Template Customisation
    • Rich Predefined 3D Output Templates
    • 3D PDF with 3D PMI, Views, and Meta Properties
    3D Output
  • MBD