SOLIDWORKS for Researchers

With the SOLIDWORKS Research Edition, researchers can access the latest in engineering technology, while communicating with other researchers and industrial users around the world.

The SOLIDWORKS Research Edition  has no restrictions for use in publications, industry-funded projects, and patent applications. It doesn’t contain the educational watermark, and follows the same release schedule as the commercial version of SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS Research Edition shadows SOLIDWORKS commercial solutions which include:

Research License Purchase Eligibility

Qualified entities may purchase a Research License with no educational watermark at a 50% discount off the commercial recommended retail price for all products and services. New licenses must be purchased with at least one year of subscription service to qualify for all Research License discount pricing. Please note that Home Use Licenses are not included.

Research Licenses must be owned, operated, and maintained by a college, university, research laboratory, teaching hospital, non-profit or consortium. Eligibility of Research Licenses do not include for-profit companies, for-profit research centers, technology incubators, accelerators, non-profit learning centers, museums, public libraries, outreach programs, fab labs, maker spaces, hacker spaces or hobby centers.

Research Licenses may not be owned by federally funded research and development centers, such as national laboratories. Institutions of this type are NOT eligible for Research License pricing, regardless of prior qualification status. Technology incubators, spinoff companies, tech transfer programs, fab labs, and hobby centers are also automatically disqualified, even if they have non-profit status. Students, professors, or staff of universities may not use Research Licenses to provide individual consulting services.

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