SOLIDWORKS Simulation Comparison

    • Fully Embedded in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
    • Full Associativity with 3D Design Changes
    • Support SOLIDWORKS Configurations
    • SOLIDWORKS Material Properties Support
    Concurrent Engineering
    • Solid, Shell and Beam modeling
    • h and p adaptive element type
    • Mesh control capabilities
    • Failure Mesh Diagnostic
    • Simplify model tool for meshing
    • Customisable Material Library
    Finite Element Analysis
    • Bonded contact condition
    • Node-to-node, surface-to-surface contact condition
    • Shrink Fit condition
    • Virtual Wall condition
    • Connectors: bolt, spring, pin, elastic support and bearing
    • Connectors Safety Check
    Contacts and Connectors
    • Contour, Iso-Surface, Surface, Section Result Plot
    • Probe tool
    • Design Insight
    • Compare test data
    • List values on selected entities
    • Animation of Results
    Post Processing
    • Customisable simulation report
    • eDrawings of Simulation results
  • Support tickets per mo.
  • Linear Static Simulation for Assembly
  • Design Comparison Studies
    • What-if scenarios based on defined variables (dimensions, mass properties, simulation data)
    Time Based Mechanism Motion Simulation
  • Time Based Mechanism Motion Simulation
    • Analyse the life expectancy of structure under repeated loading
    • Theory of Cumulative Damage
    • Fatigue Check Plot
    • Outputs: life, damage and factor of safety plots
    Fatigue Simulation
    • Detect trends in results from different iterations of a static study
    Trend Tracker
    • Advanced Contacts & Connectors
    • Thermal contact resistance condition
    • Insulated condition
    • Edge and spot weld connector
    Design Optimisation
    • Frequency Simulation
    • Analyse the natural frequencies and mode shape of parts and assemblies
    • Import Flow/Thermal Effects
    • Load Stiffening
    Event-Based Motion Simulation
    • Analyse slender structure for critical buckling factors and the associated buckling mode shapes
    • Import Flow/Thermal Effects
    Buckling or Collapse Simulation
    • Analyse the effect of the impact of a part or an assembly on a target surface
    • Inputs: drop height, gravity, velocity at impact
    • Outputs: stress, displacement, and strains
    Structural Thermal Simulation
    • Analyse the structural behavior or parts and assemblies under loading
    • Linear combination and square root of the sum of the squares (SRSS)
    Pressure Vessel Design Simulation
    • Analyse the structural resistance of a sub model from a main assembly
    Submodeling Simulation
  • 2D Simplification
    • Transient (time dependent) loads
    • Large component deformation
    • Nonlinear materials
    Non Linear Simulation
    • Modal Time History Analysis
    • Harmonic Analysis
    • Random Vibration Analysis
    • Response Spectrum Analysis
    Dynamic Simulation
  • Composites Components Simulation
  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Premium