SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

The newest release of SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2017 delivers new user-requested enhancements that make it even easier and faster to determine the impact of a liquid or gas flow on your product designs during the design phase. Here are few of the new enhancements that you will find in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2017.

Conditions from low-level component: Import condition in model
Ability to import from the model conditions defined for other projects (such as material properties, heat power, etc.). This can dramatically simplify project definition by creating a library of models with conditions pre-defined.

Instant switching between transient time moments
A new transient post-processing mode allows you to explore transient results without waiting for a time moment to load. You move a slider and results are updated immediately.

Multi-parameter optimization
Multi-parameter optimization is added to the Parametric Study. You can now conduct an optimization study for more than one input variable. You can select geometry or simulation parameters as variables. For each variable, you define the range of variation and the target optimization goal, such as maximize, minimize, or match a Value.

Add-on modules for Flow Simulation:

HVAC Module – offers additional simulation capabilities for advanced radiation and thermal comforts analysis
Electronic Cooling Module – offers electronic virtual models and an extensive materials library for cooling simulation

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