SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management Standard

SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) Standard is a data management solution for smaller workgroup environments in a single location. Included in SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium packages, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard eliminates the overhead of managing SOLIDWORKSand DraftSight data on local and shared network drives.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard solutions include:

  • Revision Management – Track changes, maintain a complete revision history and avoid the errors of manual approaches.
  • Find and Reuse Design Data – Instead of spending time trying to find prior designs on shared drives or local workstations—or recreating designs when you can’t find them—you can use SOLIDWORKS PDM tools to locate them quickly.
  • Secure File Vaulting – With secure file vaulting, user access is tightly managed—even within distributed computing environments—and security risks that arise from using shared network drives are eliminated.
  • Audit Trail
  • Integrated Search
  • Advanced Search and Favorites
  • Multi-Document Preview


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