SOLIDWORKS PDM Compare Packages

    • Protect your product design data with secure, managed access for only authorised individuals. In addition to internal users, you can permit access to partners, customers and your supply chain through VPN access.
    • *Supports windows logins
    Secure Access
    • Help your team avoid overwriting files and help purchasing and manufacturing order and produce the correct parts,every time.
    • *Supports multiple revision schemes and workflows
    Revision Control
  • No. of e-mail accounts
    • Quickly access a full audit trail of product development activities.
    • Meet internal and external compliance reporting requirements. Identify process issues and drive continuous improvement to maintain your competitive advantage.
    File History (Audit Trail)
    • Quickly locate documents based on multiple parameters including names, contained data, attached metadata and workflow state.
    Find and Reuse Design Data
    • Quickly and easily find SOLIDWORKS files by searching on metadata (Custom Properties).
    Integrated Search - Quickly Find Files
    • Manage all SOLIDWORKS documents, including parts, assemblies and drawings.
    Manage SOLIDWORKS Files
    • *DraftSight Professional
    • **AutoCAD, Inventor, Creo and Solid Edge
    Manage Other CAD Files
    • *Through Windows Explorer
    • **Add-in available for Office 2007 to 2013
    Manage Microsoft Office Files
    • Increase productivity, quality and accountability when you engage key users in workflow and approval processes.
    Automated Approval Process
  • Macro Language and API interface
    • Automatic email notifications and electronic signatures bring greater efficiency and security to approvals and other data automation initiatives.
    • *In-built mail client
    • **Supports SMTP
    Email Notifications
    • Transition Actions
    • *Supports only "set variable" actions
    Unlimited Workflow States
    • Add-In for Windows Explorer, enables uses to contribute to the vault.
    Contributor Client
    • Add-In for Windows Explorer, gives users a view into the vault and is sold in packs of 5 users.
    Viewer Client
    • Work with the same high level of speed, functionality and security as your design organisations grows.
    • For multi-site and multi-national teams, SOLIDWORKS PDM
    • Professional supports document/drawing vault replication over a WAN, making current design information immediately available worldwide.
    • *Vault replication within a WAN
    Distributed Design Teams
    • Increase the productivity of designers, managers and sales/marketing personnel by permitting remote access to design data.
    • *Fully functional’ web client with mobile version
    Remote Access (web)
    • Editable BoM that can be ‘checked in’ and follow Workflow
    Named Bill of Materials
    • Manage all SOLIDWORKS Simulation documents, and studies.
    Manage SOLIDWORKS Simulation Files
    • Manage all SOLIDWORKS Electrical documents and libraries.
    Manage SOLIDWORKS Electrical Files
    • View and print more than 250 file types, including SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidEdge, PDF and Microsoft Office, plus images, animations, movie files and many others.
    • *Supports over 500+ file formats
    Full Document Preview
    • Perform context based searches to find certain text strings with documents. For even greater productivity you can pre-define, save and share searches.
    Advanced Search and Favorites
    • Automatically generate files or folders via template card.
    Document and Folder Templates
    • Configure serial number generators to automatically name files and folders, assign projects and ECN/ECR numbers
    Automatic Serial Number
    • Convert SOLIDWORKS files, Export / Import to or from XML
    Automated Workflow Tasks
    • Automatically create neutral files such as PDF's of STEP from SOLIDWORKS files.
    Automated Neutral File Creation
    • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional is fully configurable to work effectively within your unique team structure, design process and industry.
    Custom Configuration
    • Automatically import and export data to/from other business systems such as MRP/ERP applications
    Automated Data Import and Export
  • Role based Parallel Transitions
  • Conditional / Automatic Transitions
  • Standard
  • Professional