SOLIDWORKS Inspection Compare Products

    • SOLIDWORKS Embedded Add-In
    • SOLIDWORKS Drawing Native File Support
    • Automatic Balloon Creation
    • Balloon Creation of Inspection Dimension Only
    • Advanced Filtering Capabilities
    • Balloon Formatting
    • Drawing Revisions
    • User Defined Inspection Methods and Processes
    • Quality Sampling Plans
    SOLIDWORKS Inspection Add-In
    • Standalone Application
    • Searchable Text Recognition
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    • Customisable Recognition Engine
    • Selective Recapture
    • Nominal Value and Plus/Minus Tolerances
    • Vertical and Rotated Dimensions
    • Bilateral Default Tolerances
    • Plus/Plus and Minus/Minus Tolerance
    • Upper and Lower Limits Calculation
    • Note, GD&T, and Finish Symbols
    • Automatic Balloon Creation of Captured Characteristics
    • Multi-page Drawing Support
    • Multiple Drawings per Project
    • Compare Drawing Revisions
    SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standalone Application
    • Export to XML
    Quality Systems Integration
    • Export Ballooned Drawing to PDF
    • Export Inspection Report to Microsoft® Excel®
    • Template Editor
    • Pre-defined Industry Standard Templates (AS9102, PPAP, etc.)
    Report Generation
    • Characteristics Measurements Input
    • Digital Measuring Tools Support (Digital Caliper, etc.)
    • CMM Data Import (PC-DMIS, Calypso, Faro CAM2, etc.)
    • CMM Template Editor
    Results Input
  • Standard
  • Professional