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SOLIDWORKS 2D to 3D Conversion

As we already know, SOLIDWORKS can import DXF/DWG drawings directly into a SOLIDWORKS part or drawing file. Importing a DXF/DWG into a drawing file decreases the time spent on having to edit the drawing view annotations and dimensions.

Although importing a 2D file aids in the final drawings used for production, there is still the stumbling block of not having the final 3D model as a part file. Before you rush to your computer to redesign from the original 2D file, consider using the SOLIDWORKS 2D to 3D toolbar!

The SOLIDWORKS 2D to 3D toolbar is automatically activated when importing a DXF/DWG file as a 2D sketch into a SOLIDWORKS Part.

The SOLIDWORKS 2D to 3D toolbar has a small number of simple, yet highly effective commands. Which include:

–  Adding a sketch to any standard view orientation.

–  Create a new sketch using selected entities.

–  Repair sketch.

–  Align sketch.

–  Convert to extrusion.

–  Convert to cut.

What would generally take someone hours to model from a 2D file, can now be done in less time using this tool set. Here is how:

  1. Import a DXF/DWG file as a 2D sketch.
  2. Make use of selecting the layers that contain the orthogonal views.
  3. Convert your front sketch using the Add to Front Sketch command.
  4. Convert any additional views using the additional add commands. The views will rotate according to your selection.
  5. Use the Align Sketch command to correctly position the sketches.
  6. Select any closed entities to use the Convert to extrusion and the Convert to cut command. Use the other sketches as a reference to aid in the end conditions.
  7. Repeat step 6 to model a final design.
Complete model from 2D drawing using SOLIDWORKS 2D to 3D.

This is the perfect solution for someone who must convert DXF/DWG files on a regular basis!


For further instructions on how to use the SOLIDWORKS 2D to 3D toolbar commands, watch the following video.


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