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SOLIDWORKS 2018: Making Magnetic Mates Even Snappier


Introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2017, ‘Magnetic Mates’ was arguably one of the best new features, but as the Beatles put it: “It’s getting better all the time!”. With SOLIDWORKS 2018, things are not only getting better, snapping objects together is getting easier too.

Frustratingly, when using Magnetic Mates in 2017 there was often a struggle aligning connection points whilst ensuring the orientation was correct. However, good news awaits you as you read on! Basically, now it’s just: snap, snap, snap, snap!…giving you ‘The Power’ to build awesome facility layouts with just a few clicks of the mouse.

So, new to SOLIDWORKS 2018 are three pretty awesome Magnetic Mate enhancements, making snapping more user-friendly, intuitive and fun!

Number 1: The ability to alternate between the active connection points.

When using a Magnetic Mate to insert components, using the square bracket keys will enable you to do the following:
• ‘[‘ cycles between the connecting points on the moving component
• ‘]’ does the same but on the static component

This allows us to design our Slot Car racing tracks with a breeze!

New to Magnetic Mates: The ability to alternate between the active connection points.

Number 2: The new Magnetic Mates Lock symbol has come to greet you.

In SOLIDWORKS 2017, locking the Mates was a bit of a chore; searching for the mate in the FeatureTree, right-clicking and selecting Lock… In 2018, the Lock symbol pops up upon Snapping, greeting you and begging for a click. Just one click and the mates are locked in position.

New to Magnetic Mates: The Lock symbol has come to greet you.

Number 3: Multiple Ground Planes (Yes, you can now Mate directly to floors and walls!)

Now, in 2018, you can define multiple Ground Planes, allowing users to create multi-story layouts with multiple planes or floors. Imagine a giant 3D Jigsaw in the real world. This is now replicable in SOLIDWORKS’ virtual world by just dropping the pieces of your jigsaw, automatically snapping into place.

New to Magnetic Mates: Multiple Ground Planes.

SOLIDWORKS 2018’s new Magnetic Mates make large layouts a quick, simple task. What you will notice is a super-fast placement of components; getting it right the first time; increasing your efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

Tailored towards facility layout, Magnetic mates can be used for many other applications, just like with our slot car track model – in fact, it can be used for any assembly. Magnetic mates are a fantastic tool for increasing productivity and in 2018, they are now even more user-friendly.

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