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Free Surface for Rotating Components

Rotating Region is a powerful feature that is used to simulate the fluid-driving motion of rotating components. In SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2021, Rotating Region can be combined with the Free Surface feature. For this thruster, we are solving the torque and power … Read More

Multi Material Overmolding

A new injection molding process is available in Plastics 2021 to accommodate multiple material over molding, also called multi-shot injection. So what is Multi Material Overmolding ? Multi-material injection molding is the process of molding multiple materials into a single … Read More

When 2D is Enough

By Lynn Allen April 9, 2021 Here I am writing about 2D on a 3D Blog. What’s up with that?  You and I both know there are still plenty of 2D CAD users out there, which can be mind-boggling to anyone who … Read More