Multi Material Overmolding

A new injection molding process is available in Plastics 2021 to accommodate multiple material over molding, also called multi-shot injection.

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So what is Multi Material Overmolding ?

Multi-material injection molding is the process of molding multiple materials into a single plastic part or product. This differs from traditional techniques that involve only a single injection, With Multi-material injection molding, the processes are similar. However, instead of working with a single material, the injection molding machine has multiple injectors each filled with the necessary material.

What are the benefits of using Multi-material injection molding?

  • Reduction of the number of required manufacturing steps.
  • Lower Production Costs – Instead of having to use multiple machines, a single machine can produce the desired part or component.
  • Reduced Production Cycle Times – The time required to produce finished parts and components is less.

In SOLIDWORKs 2021 Plastics You can inject two to six different polymer materials within the same cycle.

In the Study PropertyManager, under Injection Process, select Multi Material Overmolding.

This injection process is available only with the Solid analysis procedure and runs with the Flow+Pack analysis sequence.

The first material goes through a complete Filling, Packing, and Cooling cycle before the start of the injection of the second material.

There is a vast number of enhancements made in SOLIDWORKS 2021, makes sure to get in touch with us at MECAD to show you what you are missing out on.

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